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Carbon Mining was a concept that was started 30 years ago as its founder foresaw the problem that carbon dioxide emissions were going to pose for future generations.


As a company, our aim is to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through the use of our patented carbon dioxide capture technology to slow down the effects of climate change. The aim is to reverse the impact of climate change and we recognize that this can take many years.  However, we believe that our solution can contribute significantly to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted to our atmosphere.


We are facing a climate emergency that is unprecedented.  This issue not only affects our earth currently with many catastrophic climatic and weather events being experienced but the effects of climate change can have long-lasting negative effects for future generations.


The debate on climate change has been ongoing for many years but a solution has yet to be found.  


Annulus Core Reactor (ACR) works by converting captured carbon dioxide into a reactant solution. This reactant solution is then to be converted into bicarbonate products, carbonate products and fertilizer. 

These carbonate based products can be used to manufacture many 'valuable' commodities and products including paint, and medicine. 


What if all carbon dioxide emissions are captured from the major outlets?

This would then:​

  • Help stabilize carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere

  • Give the world a chance to repair its atmosphere

  • Buy more time for new technological developments

Scientists have said that we are currently running out of time to stop climate change and we need to act on the situation now.


A Step Towards Zero Carbon Emissions

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