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Carbon Capture Technology

The need to address the growing threat of climate change and design solutions to achieve the net-zero carbon economies of the future is what turned Carbon Mining into reality. 

Over the years, Australia’s major gas, coal, and oil-producing companies have extracted a great deal of fossil fuels. While no company is legally responsible for these emissions, it still equates into selling uranium to a failed state or unsafe dumping of medical waste. 

Carbon Mining knows and understands the harm these exports cause, which is why we demonstrate a bold ambition to reduce emissions through carbon capture technology. 

Speeding Up Zero-Carbon Transition 

To accelerate the transition to the zero-carbon economy, we use technology to reduce carbon emissions. Aside from slowing down the effects of climate change, this patented carbon dioxide technology comes with both environmental and economic benefits. 

Additional power 

During carbon dioxide-based steam cycles, the CO2 is pressurised into a supercritical fluid. The cycles then transfer heat more readily and take less energy to compress steam, helping power generation turbines run more efficiently. 

In addition, geologically stored CO2 could be used to extract geothermal heat from the same locations in which it was injected, producing renewable geothermal energy. 

More fuel 

Technically, it’s possible to convert carbon dioxide into fuel and there are several ways to accomplish this. However, due to the difficulty in terms of cost and process, only a few can create more fuel out of this. 

Concrete Enrichment 

Once carbon dioxide is captured, it can be used to strengthen concrete which leads to increased infrastructure durability. 

Manufacturing Operations Enhancement 

Carbon dioxide could also be used to create chemicals and plastics like polyurethanes that are used to make soft foams (e.g. those used in mattresses). 

New Job Opportunities 

If more and more operations of carbon capture technologies in Australia are implemented, the country will need more skilled technicians to manage them. 

Converting Captured Carbon into a 

Reactant Solution

The whole world is dealing with a climate change emergency. Carbon Mining takes a step forward to reducing carbon emissions and achieving tangible progress against our climate targets.


Through the Annulus Core Reactor (ACR), the captured carbon dioxide is locked in a reactant bicarbonate solution. Then, it is pumped to a second reactor and combined with other additives to create valuable commodities, such as paints and medicines.  

Aiming towards a Zero-Carbon Future 

Today, the impact of carbon majors is enormous. These figures will significantly go higher if no one takes responsibility for the consequences. 

In the long run, we can address climate change when we shift from fossil fuels to renewable energies. However, these alternatives to cheap oil, gas, and coal that fuel the economy are currently not cost-effective. Until these options are not economical, we must try other solutions. 

Carbon Mining aims to reverse the impact of climate change using a carbon capture technology, such as the Annulus Core Reactor (ACR). This solution simply amounts to cleaning up after the mess that we’ve left and repairing the damages that we’ve done. 

Help create a zero-carbon future by participating and supporting our objectives. Carbon Mining wants you to take part in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions to our atmosphere. Head on over our website to know more about our products and services. 


A Step Towards Zero Carbon Emissions

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