Carbon Mining was a concept that was started 30 years ago, Terry Reid the founder foresaw the climate change problem that carbon dioxide emissions were going to pose for future generations. Terry believes that the carbon dioxide problem can be solved with chemistry.  With many years of experiments, dedication and hard work, he has finally succeeded in creating the Annulus Core Reactor (ACR).


Our philosophy revolves around our belief that the earth and its environment is our responsibility. 

We are facing a climate crisis, fires are spreading all over the world, the ice is melting on the north and south of our planet. We have uncontrollable drought, flood, and unpredictable weather. We need to work together to fix the problem. There is only one planet earth. Our survival depends on what we do today. 

We can talk about moving to Mars but what is the cost of moving to Mars and how many of us can move there and what will happen to those who cannot move there? The people that can not afford to move to Mars will have to live in a declining environment.


Unlike any other carbon capture technology, ACR mixes water (H2O), anhydrous ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2) to convert them into a reactant solution.  The reactant can then feed into the second reactor to convert them into high-grade valuable and sought after commodities. 

The ACR can also be used with other CO2 capture technologies to create these valuable commodities.  Hence have the “negative emission technology” application.

Our demonstration plant is available for viewing and showcases what the ACR is capable of producing.


At Carbon Mining, we aim to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through the use of our carbon dioxide capture technology to slow down the effects of climate change. The aim is to reverse the impact of climate change and we recognize that this can take many years. However, we believe that our solution can contribute significantly to fight climate change. 

Our goal is to have the ACR built at every CO2 emitting facilities. These facilities include steel making plants, waste to energy plants and coal and gas power stations, etc.  This will give us time to fully transition to cleaner and better energy technologies.


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A Step Towards Zero Carbon Emissions

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